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What is Protect Me?

Protect Me is an additional way of protecting your personal information so as to reduce the risks involved in identity theft. Our innovative solutions comprise of setting a specific set of questions pertaining to your personal profile with answers only known to yourself. This process will make a more definitive authentication cycle when your identity comes into question.

How to Activate Protect Me

If you are not a registered user

1. Click on the “Claim Free Credit Report” and complete the registration process

2. Select Protect Me and complete the process.

3. Login and enjoy 2 months access to your credit information.

If you are a registered user

1. Login using your username and password

2. Go to “My Profile”

3. Complete the Protect Me process

4. Select “Update” and your Protect Me profile will be updated


Benefits of Protect Me


Registration is FREE!
1 month Free Credit Report access, when you activate Protect Me during registration
Increased protection of Personal Information and reduced risk of Identity Theft

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How do I get a Judgement rescinded?


Understand the procedures to be followed in terms of South African law to get a judgement rescinded.  You may rescind a judgement on your own OR with the assistance of an attorney.


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