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This is the Consumer Division of XDS, (Pty) Ltd, a registered Credit Bureau.  


Credit4Life is committed to empowering Consumers and will strive to ensure that consumers become Credit Aware and take on a credit lifestyle in a responsible way.  


The Consumer Club is a subscription service of Credit4Life

With Credit4Life you will understand:


Your RIGHTS with regards to Credit
What is a Credit Report and the information in it
Your exposure to Credit when you view your Credit Report
What does your credit score mean and how does it affect your credit lifecycle?
What does a good credit rating mean and how can it benefit you?



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Maintaining a good credit score will help you buy a house, car, furniture, new clothes or get that loan or credit card that you deserve. It helps you to qualify for credit and to get a better repayment rate or credit limit.

Credit4Life encourages you to check your credit report regularly so that you can:
Check your Credit Score so that you can get the Credit you Deserve
Review your Credit Exposure and better manage your use of credit
Establish if you have been a victim of Identity Theft
Challenge any incorrect information on your Credit Report



Credit4Life is powered by Xpert Decision Systems (Pty) Ltd (XDS), the largest 100% independently black-owned credit bureau in South Africa. XDS delivers innovative, user-friendly and affordable information solutions and technologies that are used in all aspects of Credit provisioning.

XDS has credit bureaus in emerging markets such as Ghana,Nigeria and Zimbabwe. XDS has also been involved with projects in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates, Australia and Namibia - positioning XDS as a uniquely South African company with a solid international track record.









You have the RIGHT to 1 FREE Credit Report per year


Claim your RIGHT to know your credit score and to correct any inaccuracies that may be affecting your credit score.



Critical change notification


Consumer Club members get FREE notifications when critical information on your credit report changes via sms or email.


How can I correct inaccuracies in my Credit Report?


The National Credit Act gives you the RIGHT to challenge the accuracy of the information in your Credit Report.


A Credit Bureau must resolve inaccuracies within 20 working days


click here to learn about the dispute process







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